Friday, 04 Dec 2020

Personnel Matters

It is the most significant department in the company; it provides the whole facilities for the employee to achieve his\her work through the company head office.

The employee directly contacts the employing company during the agreed work hours, as if he/she works in the head office of the employing company, which agrees with the employing company targets.

Periodic reports are prepared and sent about each employee by the administrative staff of WWB; therefore, the employing company is able to control the employee’s performance.

Staff administration services:

1-The department monitors employee attendance records, and sends them monthly for the employing company.

2-It monitors salaries and incentives per month.

3-It observes the urgent, normal, and annual holidays.


 Work environment advantages:

1-We provides a practical work environment.

2-The Company provides a comprehensive work unit, which includes: prepared office, comfortable chair, computer, internet, and stationary.

3- We provide official services, such as a copy machine and scanner, etc. 

4-The Company organizes recreational activities and periodic journeys for the employees and their families.


Do not hesitate to deal with us, because we save your time and money as we guarantee efficiency and quality for you. 

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