Friday, 04 Dec 2020


Work Without Borders is working in Palestine. It is a pioneering initiation aims at providing work opportunities for creative Palestinians inside the Palestinian territories via remote work system.

The firm mainly based on providing various services, including helping the companies in employing innovative Palestinian experiences, and providing health workshops and remotely tools through workshops in Palestine, remote Employment Service, and Personnel Management Service.

Our Vision Our Vision

The firm aims at being leading in remote work in Palestine, achieving human development, and attaining sustainable economic development.

Our Message Our Message

We commit to provide the best professional competencies in different fields of remotely work , to contribute to develop the vocational sector in Palestine, and to exchange the experiences.

Our Goals Our Goals

1- Founding a pioneering model for remote work in Palestine.

2- Providing work opportunities for the Palestinian capacities inside their country by using remotely tools.

3- Contributing to decrease the high percentage of unemployment in Palestine.

4- Enhancing the educational programs in the Palestinian high education institutions through providing work opportunities related to the programs domains.

5- Transforming the available overseas vocational experiences into Palestine, and providing the best services in order to help in achieving the remote work.   

6- Improving the human resources in order to achieve sustainable economic development under the lack of natural resources in Palestine.

7- Providing highly qualified and low-cost services.

Our Services

Work Without Borders provides a range of services across in the field
of developing business via a remote work system


Remote Recruitment

We provide the best professional competencies “The right person in the right place”


Personnel Matters

We offer comfort for our employees to ensure better output
“Privilege services for extraordinary employees”

Remote work tools

Remote work tools

It is a group of modern tools by which you feel that your employee is near you

“We narrow the distance between you and your employee.”

Electronic Meeting Center (OMC)

Online Meeting Centre (OMC)

It is provided with recent techniques to facilitate the meetings between the abroad enterprises and the employees